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Hall of Honor 2006

Oct. 26, 2006
Paul L. Barker, Jr., Director of Industrial Engineering, Dalton Corp.

Since 1992, FOUNDRY Management & Technology has been recognizing and honoring men and women who have made significant contributions to the foundry industry. What began as commemorative effort for our own centennial celebration has become, for the editors, a notable responsibility and a singular privilege.

In continuation of this tradition, we are pleased to recognize an outstanding individual whose metalcasting industry career is marked by his active involvement with plant operations, with professional organizations, and with educational development. His close associates know his “deep commitment to our industry,” wrote one of his admirers. We also learned he is dedicated to “giving back to an industry who has given me so much.” Along with real professional and technical accomplishments, that may be the common indicator of the individuals that comprise the Hall of Honor, and evidence of how deserving he is of the recognition. He joins a corps of entrepreneurs, engineers, executives, researchers, and educators who have honored the industry with their personal investments for 25 years of more.

Director of Industrial Engineering (retired)
Dalton Corp., Warsaw, IN

Those who have been involved with Paul, know of his deep commitment to our industry and I am certain will enthusiastically support his inclusion [in the Hall of Honor],” reads the letter nominating this year’s inductee to the Foundry Management & Technology Hall of Honor: Paul L. Barker, now retired from Dalton Foundries in Ft. Wayne, IL. Paul Barker has been active in the metalcasting industry for 40 years. He began his career as a chief engineer and materials manager at Jardine Bronze in Baldwinsville, NY, shortly after completing an Associate’s degree of Applied Science in Industrial Technology at Erie Technical Institute.

In 1971, Barker earned a Bachelor of Science in Management at Syracuse University and joined Frontier Bronze in Niagara Fall, NY, again as chief engineer and materials manager. Over time, he became that operation’s manager of manufacturing. In 1979, Paul joined Bossert Manufacturing, Utica, NY, as manager of materials engineering. One year later he arrived at the company with which he would spend the majority of his professional career. Barker stated his career at Dalton Corp. in Warsaw, IN, as manager of industrial engineering, but over 25 years with the company he went on to serve as director of engineering at the Kendallville, IN, plant; then as manager of sales and engineering there; manager of sales administration, again at Kendallville; manager of corporate sales administration; and, finally, as director of industrial engineering. Education — his own,as well as others’ — has been a matter of particular importance to Paul.

In 1994, he earned a Master of Science degree in management from Indiana Wesleyan University. He was active with professors and students at Tri-State University in Angola, IN, over the five years he served on its Cast Metals Advisory Board. Ultimately, Barker played a critical role in the University regaining certification as one of the Foundry Educational Foundation’s accredited schools in 1995. He also was a recipient of the FEF’s 2003 E.J. Walsh Award for “dedication and service to the goals and ideals of the Foundry Educational Foundation.”

By his own description, Paul is a firm believer in “giving back to an industry that has given me so much.” And he has given his time and energy generously. Barker has held various positions with the American Foundry Society’s national and local organizations. He served as the Society’s vice president for Region 3, worked for several years as site-selection chairman for the AFS Midwest Regional event, and as an AFS national director from 1995 to 1998. Paul participated at both the AFS Engineering Division Executive Committee and the AFS Industrial Committee in a variety of capacities, including chair (AFS Industrial Engineering Committee) and division chair (AFS Engineering Division Executive Committee.) In recognition of his service to AFS, he was awarded the William H. McFadden Gold Medal in 2002 for “Outstanding contribution in the development, application, and dissemination of sound engineering principles, and a lifelong dedication and leadership to the foundry industry and the American Foundry Society.”

In fact, Barker is one of just 10 individuals to have been honored with both the AFS Gold Medal and the FEF’s E.J. Walsh Award. One of his appreciative colleagues observes that people like Paul are “individuals that have demonstrated their commitments to our industry’s excellence and to the continued growth of those we depend on to lead our industry in the future.” Certainly, he fits the standards set by the other industry notables who comprise the FM&T Hall of Honor. In addition to his involvement with the industry, Paul Barker has been and continues to be an active member in various other organizations, including the Free and Accepted Masons, the Scottish Rite Masons, and Shrine AAONOMS. Paul has served our country, too, with the U.S. Army’s Combat Engineers and Ordinance Corp. as a Specialist, 5th Class.

Although he is officially retired now, Paul lives in Fort Wayne and applies his experience and insights as a metalcasting industry consultant. With three grown children, he is now also a grandfather of seven youngsters, ranging in age from 1 to 9.

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