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Pig iron is imported to New Orleans and shipped to Wisconsin, then transported by truck to Waupaca Foundry’s four plants in that state.

Waupaca Sees Efficiency Gains from New Law

April 25, 2024
Wisconsin’s new regulations on transport of metallic and non-metallic materials will make the ferrous foundry’s pig iron deliveries more economical and environmentally responsible.

Waupaca Foundry reports it expects to make pig iron transport to its four foundries in Wisconsin more economically and environmentally efficient thanks to a new state law that changes the allowable weight and length limits on vehicles transporting metallic and nonmetallic scrap.

The law, 2023 Wisconsin Act 156, became effective on March 21.

Pig iron is a stable and transportable product of the iron smelting process.

Waupaca Foundry purchases imported pig iron that is shipped from New Orleans to a storage site in LaCrosse, WI. The new law removes distinctions between types of recyclable metal materials, which restricted the amounts of materials that could be transported on roads in the state.

Waupaca Foundry general counsel Erik Ellingson explained that the new law eliminates confusion over the definition of a recyclable metal material. “The distinction resulted in a negative impact on the environment, with extra, wasteful truck loads to accomplish the same hauling task,” according to Ellingson. “The new act will reduce the number of trucks needed to haul, which will, in turn, reduce emissions.”

“Manufacturing is essential to Wisconsin’s economy,” stated Waupaca Foundry exec. vice president/CFO and treasurer Rob Johnson. “This legislation eliminates barriers for Waupaca Foundry and other manufacturers operating in the state.”