Cascade Die Casting
Poorisitchunpiam1995 | Dreamstime
Done deal
Warut Sintapanon | Dreamstime
Automotive aluminum diecastings.
Industryviews | Dreamstime
Workers in a foundry casting a metal workpiece.
Ryzhov Sergey | Dreamstime
Low-pressure sand mold components.

Federal R&D Funding Drives Innovation [SLIDESHOW]

Feb. 14, 2014

Think U.S. federal funding is a big waste of money? You might want to think again. Some of the nation’s biggest companies and most significant technological advances—those that have contributed substantially to U.S. economic growth—got their start in U.S. research and university labs.

Discover the companies and innovations in the slideshow about federally funded innovations at Foundry Management & Technology’s companion site,