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Maztherm furnace Maztherm Cokeless Melting Inc.
Mazdak engineers designed the furnace to combine the advantages of cokeless melting and hot blasting, with an inclined chamber set an angle lower than the angle of repose for solid iron. This eliminated the necessity for a water-cooled grate.

Developing Low-Emission, Coke-Free Melting for Ferrous Alloys

The Twin Chamber Cokeless Furnace cuts CO and particulates, combining the advantages of cokeless melting and hot blasting.

Pollution-control continues to be a process and production-cost consideration for iron and steel foundries around the world, due to the preponderance of coke as a fuel for cupola melting. Among the different forms of cupolas available to foundries, the “cokeless” cupola reduces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 75-80% compared with coke-fired cupolas, and produces the least volume of furnace dust, at 100-120 kg of CO2 and 0.8 kg of dust per metric ton of melt.

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