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The BTS is a design based on several years of design experience with pumping, metering, and storing of difficult-to-handle and store chemicals, including those used with chemically bonded sand-molding systems.

Bulk Transfer System for Chemicals

March 30, 2013
Storage tanks in fireproof location System sizes fluids properly PLC-based controls for levels, flow rates, monitoring

Recently, PALMER MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY INC. introduced a safer method for pumping, metering and storing potentially flammable chemicals with the new Palmer Bulk Transfer System (BTS).

The BTSdraws on Palmer’s decades of experience in pumping, metering, and storing of a variety of difficult-to-handle and store chemicals, especially those associated with chemically bonded sand-molding systems. The company manufactures heavy-duty foundry equipment including: sand mixers, molding systems, core room equipment, sand reclamation, mold handlers, pumping systems, etc., along with complete systems and engineering services.

The Palmer BTS consists of: storage tanks, to be located in a fireproof room or logical location; pumping system for correct capacity and compatibility; small day tanks for each liquid located at the point of use for any type of mixer; and a properly designed PLC based control system to maintain levels, monitor flow rates, and to monitor the system.  It also includes a color HMI to easily set up flow rates, etc.

There are several advantages to the Palmer BTS, including:

Safety- The possibility of potentially deadly fire is reduced, as chemicals are stored away from hazardous areas.

Lower Operating Costs- Fire insurance rates are often reduced thanks to the safer arrangement of chemicals. 

Accuracy- Correct amounts of chemical are ready for use at all times, and automatically delivered to the point of lubrication.

Control– The system is equipped to operate with any existing operating system, to monitor usage.

Confidence– Operations and maintenance managers can have confidence in the knowledge that chemicals are at the correct level.

Reliability– Likewise, managers are able to have confidence that the system will perform with repeatable and consistent service over a long service life. 

“Safetyis a major concern at all times, but proper handling is especially critical with flammable solvent bearing chemicals,” according to Jack Palmer, president of Palmer Manufacturing & Supply.