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The conveyor occupies less than 10 square feet of floor space but elevates bulk material at 90 with a precision variable flow rate

Vertical Lift Sand Conveyor

July 22, 2013
Lower maintenance costs than bucket elevators Occupies less than 10 square feet Dust-free, energy efficient process

PALMER MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY INC. introduced a vertical lift sand conveyor that elevates, heats, cools, and meters with only one moving part coming into contact with the sand.

The uncomplicated design of this new elevator substantially reduces maintenance costs compared to standard bucket elevators. The rotating casting with attached intake scoops is the only moving part to touch the product, thereby preventing any product contamination. One foundry moving 10-20 tons of sand per day is reporting no maintenance costs or downtime over a six-year period, Palmer noted.

Among the significant advantages of the design is its high-volume and high-temperature handling capability. It elevates, heats, cools and meters, and does not segregate materials during elevations. There is no need for a separate metering device.

The conveyor occupies less than 10 square feet of floor space, but elevates bulk material at 90° with a precision variable flow rate. A variable frequency drive handles metering.

The process is dust-free, so the risk of fire and explosion is minimized, and the bulk materials are shielded from contaminants.

The elevator is energy efficient: it operates with a low-amp draw and outperforms pneumatic systems without costly compressors, blowers, or vacuum equipment. Cleaning is completed quickly.

“Our new vertical conveyor represents a major breakthrough as it outperforms bucket elevators and reduces maintenance costs at the same time,” stated Palmer Manufacturing & Supply president Jack Palmer. “It reduces contamination and maintenance, and is a safer and more accurate elevator.”