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Precicast includes four operations producing investment castings, ceramic cores, and additive-manufactured parts, in particular for aerospace applications.

GF Buys Investment Casting/AM Business – and Rebrands

Feb. 4, 2018
'Automotive’ business becomes GF Casting Solutions, with addition of operations focused on aerospace and IGT products

GF Automotive is buying Precicast Industrial Holding SA, an investment casting and additive manufacturing operation based in Novazzano, Switzerland. The scope of Precicast’s product line – notably aerospace engine and industrial gas turbine parts — is also offered as the reason for renaming the group GF Casting Solutions.

“The acquisition of Precicast is fully in line with the division’s strategy to increase its presence in promising industrial sectors like aerospace,” according to GF group CEO Yves Serra. “Both companies not only complement each other very well, but also share similar values and cultures.”

No price has been reported for the deal, which includes two Precicast divisions and 730 employees at three operating units, in Switzerland and Romania. GF indicated its 2017 turnover was approximately $129 million.

Precicast SA, in Novazzano, produces investment castings including blades, vanes, and other hot-section structures for aerospace and IGT turbines. It also produces other aerospace structures, surgical implants, and mechanical systems components.

Also in Novazzano is Engimics SA, which manufactures labyrinth and solid ceramic cores for investment casting.

Effetre SRL, established in 2013 in Arad, Romania, conducts “post-investment casting processing” of aerospace components, including grinding, finishing, sand blasting, and straightening, as well as processes like welding, heat treatment, fluid penetrant inspection, and X-ray inspection.

A newer division, established in 2016, is Precicast Additive SA, in Stabio, Switzerland, designs and produces jet engine, IGT, and mechanical system components using additive manufacturing.

GF Automotive operates ferrous and nonferrous metalcasting operations in Germany, Austria, China, and the U.S. The GF group’s affiliated businesses are engaged in design and manufacturing precision machine tools (GF Machining Solutions) and metal and plastic components for water and gas transport (GF Piping Systems.)

Last August, GF Automotive acquired Eucasting Ro SLR, which operates two plants (aluminum diecasting and precision machining) in Romania, producing parts for automotive manufacturers and other consumer industrial markets.

“The decision to go along with GF has been prompted by the desire to ensure opportunities of further developments for the company,” Precicast chairman Paola Invernizzi stated.