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The DISA Core product line includes core-shooters for various coremaking processes and core sizes, and systems for other aspects of core manufacturing, including deburring, assembly, coating, drying handling, and transport.

DISA Core Line Sold to Chinese Equipment Builder

Feb. 5, 2018
Suzhou Mingzhi Technology will absorb, maintain the Leipzig-based business

The Norican Group has sold its DISA coremaking product line to Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Co. Ltd., according to a joint statement. No price was announced for the sale of the business, which has been operated from Leipzig, Germany, for more than 20 years.

The DISA Core business offers several different core-shooting machine models, including DISA Core MP, TP, EP, RP, and LP, which offer options for different core sizes, production speeds, and coremaking processes. The division also offers core-sand preparation systems.

As stated in their announcement, the sale agreement “offers an excellent opportunity to expand and secure the continuation of the quality products offered by the Leipzig team, combining it with the strength and experience of the Mingzhi Technology organization.” 

All the current employees of the division will continue with the business under the new ownership, and current DISA Core contracts will be fulfilled by Norican Group, in collaboration with Mingzhi Technology Leipzig, the announcement indicated.

Shanghai-based Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Ltd. (MZT), manufactures core machines for various processes, (inorganic, cold box, hot box), core-handling solutions, core sand-mixing systems, gas generators, gravity diecasting lines, and tooling.

The seller, Norican Group, is a Danish holding company for a series of foundry-focused technology and equipment developers. These include the DISA brand automated molding lines, Gauss gravity diecasting systems, Italpresse high-pressure diecasting systems, and StrikoWestofen melting, dosing, and heat-treating systems.