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Permanent Mold Foundry Adds Casting Capacity, Automation

June 11, 2018
ATEK Metal Technologies in Iowa is expanding low-pressure casting capacity, heat treating, and finished machining capabilities, "to keep up with growing demand"

ATEK Metal Technologies, a permanent-mold foundry in New Hampton, IA, reports it is expanding its casting, heat treating, and finished machining capabilities, “to keep up with growing demand.”

ATEK Metal Technologies is a business unit of ATEK Companies, manufacturing aluminum castings for motorsports, recreation, transportation, and industrial markets. The foundry specializes in low-pressure permanent and semi-permanent mold aluminum castings, and also has Advanced Counter Pressure Castings (ACPC) capabilities.

“We added 40% to our low-pressure permanent-mold casting capacity to keep up with our accelerating growth,” stated the foundry’s president Tom Christie. “We also have added state-of-the-art precision machining capabilities to be able to provide our customers with cast and machined finished components.”

Still to come, a building expansion that consolidates the business’s warehousing and shipping operations and open space on the plant floor for ongoing expansion of operations, will be completed in December. 

In addition, the foundry will add more automated process capabilities, specifically for de-gating and deburring of castings. The robotic system will be operational in July, the foundry noted.   

“We are applying automation where it makes sense for the safety of our people and to provide the best value possible for our customers,” said Christie.

The entire plant expansion is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018. 

“Our long-term relationships speak for our commitment to service, responsiveness, solving problems, creating opportunities and achieving excellence for our partners that’s unmatched in the industry,” according to Christie. “These strategic investments are key enablers for us to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.”