Shiloh casting process
Kimura Foundry large mold
EJ supplied this illustration of the ductile iron foundry it is building in Warner Township, MI. The new foundry will be operational in the fall of 2018.
Wisconsin Oven shipped two natural gas-fired, enhanced-duty Walk-In Series ovens to a foundry, for drying sand cores.
The 72x48x36in molding line includes stateoftheart programmable logic controls and powered conveyors and allows the aluminum foundry to run up to eight mold boxes in the loop
An investment casting mold produced by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing using stereolithography to form a customized polymer formulation rather than wax
The VEINO ULTRAtrade series of additives provides similar performance attributes to lithiacontaining additives including excellent antiveining and penetration resistance and are added in much lower concentrations eg 14
Tupy is among the largest producers of CGI using SinterCast process control technology with highvolume series production on five different molding lines
Better Cooling, Cleaning for No-Bake Molds
The author estimates that about 10 of sandcasting foundries are well on the way to compliance or already are in compliance About 20 seem to be burying their heads in the sand The rest should probably be taking steps to comply