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Grit Blaster for Batch-Processing Gas Turbine Blades

May 23, 2016
Custom-design, semi-automatic system keeps fine-grain alumina oxide flowing for surface treatment Six oscillating guns move at programmable RPMs Adjustable table speed Meets noise regulation standard
Developed in consultation with an aerospace manufacturer, the SP-10 semi-automatic grit blast system handles a 34-in.-diam. basket and 100-lb. loads.

GUYSON CORP. developed a semi-automatic grit-blasting process using its 150/16 reclaim system, with a vibrator and heater installed on the media hopper, to keep the fine, 240-grit alumina-oxide flowing to surface-treat gas turbine blades. Six Guyson guns are mounted to a gun oscillator that moves at a programmable rate of revolutions per minute, adjustable on the HMI.  Table speed is adjustable through the HMI too, and the table can handle the large 34-in.- diameter basket and its 100-lbs. load easily.

According to Guyson, the design was developed for a Fortune 500 aerospace manufacturer anxious to maintain its reputation for dependability. It added that the customized installation was developed in close consultation with customer — which has been impressed with the way it blasts the blades completely in one operation.

A new vertical door design provides noise protection for the workplace, in compliance with a maximum 80-DBA requirement, while also simplifying the loading and unloading of the basket segments.

The secret to being able to completely blast the blades is the segmented polyurethane coated basket, according to the developer: this basket was custom engineered to prevent part-on-part impingement and masking.