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Thermo Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ Plus optical emission spectrometer.
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Advanced sensor technologies like load moment indicators, anti-collision systems and zone monitoring have become commonplace in modern cranes. These systems provide real-time data on load capacity, stability, and potential hazards, ensuring safer operations.
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Brass Knuckle Read is cost-effective and lightweight bifocal eye protection that fits well and is available in five diopter strengths.
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GIFA and its parallel events will be restaged in June 2023.

GIFA Results Please Organizers, Exhibitors

July 2, 2019
An estimated 72,500 visitors attended the 14th International Foundry Trade Fair and three parallel events

An estimated 72,500 visitors from 118 countries attended the GIFA 2019 and three simultaneous trade shows, June 25-29, according to the organizers. “Numerous investments, spontaneous business deals, and lively discussions characterized the dynamic atmosphere in the 12 halls of the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany,” summarized Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, which presents ‘The Bright World of Metals’ event every four years.

GIFA 2019, 14th International Foundry Trade Fair with Technical Forum, hosted more than 900 exhibitors from around the world, including all of the most notable suppliers of melting, molding, coremaking, sand treatment, and vibratory and finishing machinery for foundries and diecasters.

“Immediately after the start of the trade fair, any remaining uncertainty caused by the economic downturn was quickly dispelled, and the rush of trade visitors was enormous,” according to Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Nelissen, president of GIFA and Newcast, and CEO of Vesuvius GmbH FOSECO Foundry Division.

“The large number of high-quality trade visitors from a very international environment was interested in the exhibitors' innovations. Above all, digitalization, automation, additive manufacturing and resource efficiency were the focal points of the talks. We undoubtedly proved that GIFA has reinforced its status as a global leader,” Nelissen added.

The Metec expo gives a comparable forum to the primary steel industry, and Thermprocess is devoted to the interests of industrial thermal processing. Newcast, the 5th International Trade Fair for Castings with Technical Forum, is an exhibition and conference dedicated to casting product design.

The attendees for the just-completed events were largely (66%) from outside Germany, compared to 62% for out-of-country visitors at the 2015 events.

“With around 2,360 exhibitors from all over the world, GIFA, Metec, Thermprocess & Newcast cover almost the entire international market. Global players, small, innovative newcomers and providers of niche technology alike are all represented here,” stated Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, global portfolio director for Metals and Flow Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf.

Together, the four expos drew 2,360 exhibitors, 70% of whom were from outside Germany: that represents a rise over 65% for foreign exhibitors in the 2015 staging.

Messe Düsseldorf signaled that the Bright World of Metals events will be reconvened in June 2023, with exact dates to be determined.