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A New Approach to Sand Reclamation

Jan. 12, 2021
An innovative, small-footprint attrition mill offers foundries a cost-effective, customizable, and reliable route that makes recovering sand and metal a no-brainer.

Numerous inquiries from smaller foundries revealed a glaring need for an affordable vibratory system to reclaim no-bake and core sand waste streams. These foundries needed a unit that could receive their chemically-bonded sand chunks and reduce these down to grain size, as well as separate the metal contained in those waste streams. Additionally, they needed this machine to work effectively in a small footprint. This led Conveyor Dynamics Corp. to develop its latest innovation - BRUTUS.

The name came to be applied after the new machine was fully developed. It’s a reflection of the character of the unit: tank-like, compact, and voracious – bringing to mind a tenacious bulldog . BRUTUS devours hard sand lumps and like a loyal dog is the “foundry’s best friend,” specifically built to be at home in tough environments.

BRUTUS is ideally suited to foundries with lower tonnage requirements that understand the immediate benefits of reclaiming waste sand. The savings accrued by reducing new sand purchases while avoiding disposal costs, labor costs, trucking expenses, and tipping fees add up quickly. These savings are captured immediately by installing the new machine, and with an attractive price compared to other offerings, providing a fast project payback.

The goal of the new development was to make a machine that is so affordable that sand reclamation becomes a no-brainer. BRUTUS is loyal to the bottom line and loves to please owners.

The orbital action process is extremely efficient, and the savings already listed will easily cover the low-energy requirements. The waste sand is scrubbed and screened twice prior to discharge. The metal is separated from the sand and thoroughly cleaned.

With other attrition mills currently available to the foundry market, the metal discharge process is laborious. Conveyor Dynamics’ simple and efficient design discharges the metal and debris effortlessly.

BRUTUS is accommodating and can easily be tailored to fit a foundry’s specific layout. The reclaimed sand spout can be designed to discharge into a hopper, conveyor, or even directly into a bucket elevator. Like a tough bulldog, BRUTUS is compact with a low feed height, so a forklift with a dump hopper, a front-end loader, or conveyor can feed it easily. A load/storage hopper can be added to hold even more sand chunks, to keep BRUTUS constantly fed.

The innovative design is quite clever and delivers exceptional performance that is easy to maintain. Conveyor Dynamics Corp. is well known for their larger systems and have been perfecting vibratory equipment for 25 years with developments based on user experience. The innovative attrition mill available now gives foundries an affordable, compact option for reclaiming no-bake and core sand waste streams.

Contact Mark Didion for more information, or visit Conveyor Dynamics at