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American Metal & Technology Increases Finishing Capacity

April 14, 2008
Chinese metalcasting plant in second phase of expansion

American Metal & Technology Inc., a Chinese manufacturer of precision metalcastings and fabricated metal products, reports it has acquired four new CNC lathes. The company now operates 60 such lathes at its plant in Hebei, China.

American Metal sells its metalcastings and fabricated products in the U.S. and Europe, and it also produces microprocessor-controlled electronic circuit boards for sale in China.

The company did not detail the design of the new machines, but it said they are identical in size and capacity to the 56 machines already in operation. American Metal is in the midst of the second phase of its four-phase capacity expansion plan. Phase two will add two manufacturing facilities totaling 117,000 ft2, and will increase capacity for cast-metal products by 50%. The company expects to complete the second phase by the end of 2008 and begin production early in 2009.

"We continue to make great strides in our major expansion plan, and we are excited by the growth in demand we see from our U.S. and European customers," stated Chen Gao, American Metal chairman and CEO. "We see this as a year of great opportunity, and yet also one in which we are preparing for the future, as we grow to meet today's demand and move toward expansion into additional production facilities in 2009."