General Kinematics
General Kinematics’ VERTEX monitor transmits this data from equipment readings to an individualized BARRIER Portal, and will send text alerts to a smartphone, to help monitor activity and troubleshoot incidents.

Advanced Vibratory Equipment Monitoring

Feb. 13, 2018
Three levels of equipment tracking that can be customized according to the manufacturing process

GENERAL KINEMATICS, developers of vibratory machinery used in foundries, mining, recycling, and other operations, is introducing a platform of monitoring systems that can be customized to track the effects of vibration on production equipment, to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime. The BARRIER™ family of monitoring technologies covers three levels of functionality for analyzing any brand of vibratory equipment.

First, the APEX™ is a pocket-sized vibration monitoring package that travels with maintenance crews and can be placed on any vibratory system to track vibrations, and more. Readings can be collected via a smartphone app, allowing technicians to view the equipment’s real-time data for vibration, stroke, frequency, and more. It means that maintenance plans can be based on actual data, pre-failure part replacement can be scheduled to save time and costs, and data can be reported to GK’s field service team.

Next, the VERTEX™ monitor is capable of 24/7 data collection and reporting, transmitting readings of vibratory effects from a production unit to a customized BARRIER™ Portal. VERTEX also will send text alerts to a phone to let technicians or maintenance teams know immediately if anything error or disruption occurs. With advanced service options, GK will help to monitor and troubleshoot these alerts.

Last, the NOMADX™ package involves a GK field service team to assist with custom data analysis, equipment monitoring, and maintenance programs to keep your equipment running smoothly.

The BARRIER™ Basic service now comes standard on all GK equipment, ensuring operators are alerted as issues occur and have access to 24/7 equipment monitoring reports.