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Continuous, Energy-Efficient Shakeout and Sand Handling

Versatile design achieves five critical objectives for foundry operations

General Kinematics claims its Vibra-Drum® series of sand and casting systems has “revolutionized” high volume mold and sand handling for foundries, with a versatile Two-Mass design that provides a shakeout system to prevent damage to castings; and reduces sand lumps to grain size, while equalizing shakeout sand and casting temperatures — all in one continuous, energy-efficient operation.

The Vibra-Drum® is capable of managing a wide range of shakeout capacities, from 30 to 400 tph, with superior material motion for efficient sand and casting processing. The core design achieves five critical objectives for foundries:

1.  It performs a gentle shakeout, gradually reducing surface defects from batter that may be seen in other shakeout processes. This is accomplished by keeping the casting immersed in a bed of sand, never allowing the casting to drop thus eliminating impact between other castings or equipment surfaces.
2.  It accomplishes a cooling environment. This is achieved with evaporative cooling of moisture from the sand, and the conductive transfer of heat from the casting to the sand. Casting temperatures will be reduced to an average below 200° F (100° C).
3.  The castings are cleaned in the Vibra-Drum® via the vibratory agitation of sand on the outer surface of the castings.
4.  The lumps of sand are broken down, contributing to a homogenous mixture of sand. This is achieved by continuous agitation and drying of the sand from the transfer of heat from the casting to the sand.

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