Better Cooling, Cleaning for No-Bake Molds

June 6, 2017
Chemically cured, no-bake molding sand is frequently very difficult to break loose from the castings. General Kinematics recommended its GK VIBRA-DRUM process to a no-bake foundry needing to replace and expand production capacity.

General Kinematics’ VIBRA-DRUM technology improved the cleaning and sand-handling processes for a no-bake foundry
Every sand-molding foundry has distinctive challenges for casting cleaning and sand recovery, but for no-bake foundries there are some specific problems. No-bake molding is adopted for various reasons, including the time and flexibility of the set-up, castings size, and good surface conditions on the finished parts. But, the chemically cured sand is frequently very difficult to break loose from the castings during unmolding.

A South Carolina no-bake foundry had growth plans, but the shakeout sequence was one part of the production process that needed to be optimized in order to fulfill the strategy. The production sequence in place required cutting the castings from the molds with torches and then running them through a shot-blast process, thus prolonging the cycle time.

The age of the foundry’s existing cleaning equipment, as well as the need for expansion and incremental capacity increases, prompted General Kinematics to suggest its GK VIBRA-DRUM® process as a solution to all these issues.
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