Multiple Functions Combined in One Machine, for Efficiency and Savings

Jan. 1, 2019
Patented design reduces chemically bonded sand lumps to grain size, scrubs resins, screens and classifies, and separates tramp metal and debris.

In the past, many chemically bonded-sand foundries put their main emphasis on optimizing the casting process, and the remaining sand lumps were dumped behind the foundry or hauled off to an approved landfill site. With the rising costs of scrap, utilities and fuel, foundries need to lower operating costs anywhere possible.

One easy way to reduce cost and improve profit margins is to deploy the Rotary Lump Crusher/Sand Reclaimer, developed by DIDION International Inc. The patented design reduces large, chemically bonded-sand lumps to grain size, scrubs resins from sand grains, screens and classifies the sand, and separates tramp metal and debris. All this is done in a single, highly efficient step. The machine saves time, energy, and space by combining multiple functions.

The characteristic benefits of the DIDION® Rotary design are efficiency and low operating costs, which improve as the tonnage requirements increase. Other systems fail to achieve their required throughput, whereas the DIDION® systems often exceed their rated capacity.

Aluminum, gray and ductile iron, and steel foundries all have benefited from the innovative design. The savings from new sand purchases, disposal cost, labor, trucking expenses, and tipping fees go right to the bottom line.

In most cases if a foundry generates two tons/hour of disposal sand, then sand reclamation should be investigated. For foundries generating five tons/hour, sand reclamation should be considered as a viable cost saving project. For operations with 10 tons/hour and more, the savings or payback can be anticipated in less than one year.

A full range of equipment sizes are available, up to 100 tons/hour for chemically bonded sands. The machines are very rugged and have the lowest operating costs per ton in the industry, worldwide. DIDION® will conduct free tests of your material, and recommend layouts for installations. Literature, including customer testimonials, and detailed proposals available on request.
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