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The redesigned machine is available with an rotary scalping drum auxiliary abrasive hoppers peening package and various horsepower options Viking Blast & Wash Systems
The redesigned machine is available with an rotary scalping drum, auxiliary abrasive hoppers, peening package, and various horsepower options.

Redesigned Table Blasting Machine

Wraparound door for easy access Two wear liners available

VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS introduced the newest blaster in its Industrial line of table blasters —  the redesigned 72T — with a wraparound door for easy access.

This redesigned unit eliminates the need for a lower screw auger reducing wear while improving efficiency. The air intake is more aggressive and allows for application of more than 2,800 CFM yielding cleaner abrasive and a cleaner cabinet.

Two wear liners packages are available with the 72T, including 0.5-in.-thick cast chrome/moly, replaceable liners giving the highest degree of wear resistance.

Most applications are covered by the standard offering, but can also be fitted with a rotary scalping drum, auxiliary abrasive hoppers, peening packages and various horsepower options versus the standard 15-HP VK PowerMax. Viking also offers custom sizes and wheel configurations to accommodate specific application requirements.

All Viking cartridge style dust collectors are sold with NFPA-required deflagration panels as standard.

Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers industrial cleaning solutions for all sizes and shapes of metal parts.


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