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Thermo Scientific™ ARL iSpark™ Plus optical emission spectrometer.
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FoundryMaster spectrometers incorporate highresolution multiCCD Optics for best spectral line separation

Rugged Benchtop OES

April 29, 2013
Three design styles: compact, stationary, Xpert Straightforward operation Analyzes most complex shapes, small objects, etc.

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS reports its Foundry-Master UV spectrometer performs quick, easy and accurate analysis of all metals and their alloys, and its solid, benchtop design endures demanding plant and laboratory conditions, so it will operate nearby production lines. The instrument is suitable for foundries and other metal manufacturing operations.

Engineered for high analytical flexibility, the stationary Foundry-Master spectrometers offer a cost-effective solution for metal producing and processing industries. Thanks to the modular system of the Foundry-Master range, each stationary analyzer addresses different customers' needs and requirements:

• Foundry-Master Compact - the basic model for analyzing nonferrous metals and their alloys

• Foundry-Master UV - the standard model spectrometer, now supporting hundreds of customers worldwide with fast, easy and precise analysis of ferrous and nonferrous metals

• Foundry-Master Xpert - the newest analyzer in the Foundry-Master range covers even elements like Lead, Selenium and Lanthanum

All Foundry-Master analyzers are designed for optimal analysis on a routine basis. The rugged construction and OES quality is common to all Foundry-Master spectrometers. Their compactness makes it possible to operate them in proximity to the production line, speeding up analysis time.

Foundry-Master stationary metal analyzers offer ease of use, advanced analytical performances, and cost efficiency.

Testing samples of different geometries, shapes and sizes is straightforward, even for untrained personnel. The sample stand is easily accessible from three sides: just place the sample on the spark stand, lower the sample clamp onto the sample and press the button. Within seconds the result is displayed on the screen.

Oxford Instruments’ Jet-Stream-Technology analyzes most complex shapes, small objects, curved items, tube, and wire samples. It measures irregular samples with a single universal adapter.

The design incorporates high-resolution, multi-CCD Optics for best spectral line separation. The vacuum optical system avoids extra argon consumption purged to the optical system and contamination caused by the impurities in the purge gas.

The Windows-based WASLab software makes gathering results simple and reliable. The software. It is specifically designed to run on CCD spectrometers, and provides all necessary functions required for calibration, recalibration, analysis, and reporting.