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Micro Air
The RotoPulse system for largecapacity dust collectors continually cleans cartridge filters with a revolving compressedairdriven tube As air enters the tube the force of the pulse causes the tube to rotate While spinning air exits the predrilled holes in the tube The air hits the entire inside of the cartridge pulsing particulate material away from the filter

High-Volume Air Cleaning

Oct. 14, 2013
Clean dust filter cartridges with up to 99.9% efficiency Multiple cartridge styles, system configurations

MICRO AIR CLEAN AIR SYSTEMS’ large-capacity dust collectors control process dust in the plant atmosphere withflexible, modular design that allows multiple units to be bolted together to handle even larger air-cleaning requirements or future plant expansions. The systems capture general plant air, or can be ducted to source-capture arms or hoods for localized air cleaning. 

The exclusive Roto-Pulse system automatically cleans the filter cartridges with up to 99.9% efficiency, contributing to lower maintenance costs and prolonging filter life.  Roto-Pulse is an on-line system that continually cleans the filters with a revolving, compressed-air-driven tube. As air enters the tube, the force of the pulse causes the tube to rotate. While spinning, air exits the pre-drilled holes in the tube. The result is that air hits the entire inside of the cartridge, pulsing particulate material away from the filter for a much more efficient cleaning cycle.

In addition to online cleaning, an after-pulse cleaning cycle allows the unit to pulse the cartridges after power is shut off for an effective cleaning at the end of a shift.

Cartridge filters are available in up to 24 models and a range of configurations. All are sized and rated for the proper air-to-cloth ratio to address a variety of applications, such as smoke, powder dust, grinding dust, paper dust, etc.

Micro Air dust collectors are engineered for functionality, to capture fine dust or coarse particulate matter. The dust collectors are designed and manufactured with standard features, with a small footprint (42x48) that means the dust collectors may be located in virtually any area. All electrical and air connections are outside the cabinet for easy installation and maintenance.

Custom engineering is available for specific applications, including complete dust-control systems (collector, ductwork) to solve particular problems. In addition to our standard components, the Roto-Pulse dust collectors have options that include explosion vents, HEPA after-filters, low profile options, a variety of different cartridges, and weather proof kits.