New Hot-Blast Valve for DCX Foundry

May 2, 2004
Redesign allows higher-temp operation
Woodings Industrial Corp., Mars. PA, reports it has completed a new hot-blast valve in a project commissioned by DaimlerChrysler Corp. for its Indianapolis casting plant. Woodings specializes in hot-metal equipment design, manufacturing, and service, particularly for steelmakers.

At Indianapolis DaimlerChrysler produces cast-iron engine blocks, including 3.3-, 3.7-, and 3.8-liter V-6 engines and 4.7-liter V-8 engines. According to DCX’s information, Indianapolis cast 529,000 molds in 2002.

After studying the valve installed on a cupola furnace at the Indianapolis foundry, Woodings engineers determined they could redesign the valve to improve its performance. They engineered and manufactured a 42-inch wedge-style gate valve that seals on both sides. By incorporating higher-end materials and design improvements in the valve’s castable lining and refractory, the non-water cooled valve now is engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1,000°F.

“This project wasn’t iron and steel related, so it provided us an opportunity to design and manufacture a valve for an application that is not typical for us,” said Al Colucci, general manager of engineering at Woodings. “We provided the engineering and manufacturing for this project from our Harmony plant.”