The design and placement of risers and breaker cores can be critical to the production process and the finished quality of castings
Most refractory coating products require dilution with a solvent particularly an alcohol solvent Alcohol solvents are available in different grades or purity levels which can determine the specific density or viscosity level necessary for coating a mold or core
Inorganicbonded cores have a high affinity to water Technical adjustments proper storage to avoid exposure to high humidity and continuous product development to improve humidity resistance are countermeasures
SMW INSERTtrade offers a balance of Bi and Ce to increase nodule count thereby reducing the occurrence of chunky graphite
Both pH and ADV tests of foundry sands indicate acidity and basicity but in different ways Both help to indicate changes in sand and in binder reactivity
Placing quotchillsquot in a sand mold can help to control heat transfer but the proper handling and placement of the metal part requires some customization by the metalcaster
Feeding the Need for Cost and Quality Competitiveness
Reducing Slag and Dross in Ductile Iron Castings
ASK Chemicalsrsquo EXACTCASTtrade risers are patented fiberfree feeding products formed from refractory material bonded with cold box or silicate binders The design reportedly offers dimensional accuracy high strength lowvolume gas evolution and uniform chemical composition
Ensuring Maximum Performance at Start-Up