ArenaFlow is designed to account for discrete particle flows including both the solver and grid generator  Numerical equations are solved on both a eulerian fixed grid ie fluid phase and gridless Lagrangian formulation ie discrete particles
An example of ASK Chemicalsrsquo new NewWavetrade molten metal filter design
A series of cores produced in a cold box process VOC and HAP reductions can be achieved together with performance improvements using newer ecodriven CB binders
Understanding Furan No-Bake Resin Additives
Veining is caused by the expansion of silica sand during casting This photo shows some typical effects of veining on a disc brake casting
PUNB technology has not normally been chosen for molding operations producing largescale iron castings because its mixedsand working life mdash the period during which the bindermixedsand can be packed rammed vibrated etc before it begins to cure mdash has been relatively short
At one time environmental benefits were practically the only benefit of inorganic binders However through extensive RampD efforts superior inorganics have emerged allowing for higher performance that exceeds even that of cold box technology