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The Work of a Lifetime

Aug. 15, 2016
CISA, as an institution, will thrive because of their personal commitments, but sadly it will do so without the good cheer available at all times from Roger and Marlene Hayes. Embodying commitment and determination Enduring friendships

The value of institutions is that they outlast individuals, and convey the values and principles of one generation onto those that follow. The Casting Industry Suppliers Association is such an institution: for 98 years it has been uniting, supporting, and advocating for foundry equipment and consumables suppliers, collecting and sharing critical information, coordinating projects, and promoting new initiatives to encourage growth for those suppliers and for the industry at-large. CISA is truly an institution, and it’s tempting to think it thrives on the strength of its purpose — but in fact it is the dedication of individuals that have kept this institute so vital.

That is how we must regard the work of CISA Executive Director Roger Hayes, who has retired now from that position after 17 years. Together with his wife of 56 years, CISA Executive Assistant Marlene Hayes, Roger has embodied the commitment and determination needed to ensure that CISA promotes collaboration among foundry suppliers, fosters new business opportunities for them to work together and with their metalcasting customers, and upholds the spirit of fellowship that has ensured the commitment of so many to this important cause. In short, Roger and Marlene have together been the enlivening force for CISA, and the entire metalcasting industry is indebted to them.

Both Roger and Marlene were born in England, where Roger attained a Higher National Certificate in Production Engineering at the Wolverhampton Collage of Technology. He began his career in aircraft engine tooling, specializing in turbine blade design before becoming head of Equipment Development for Fordath Ltd., a manufacturer of foundry resins and equipment.

Roger was transferred to the United States in 1976 and eventually became President of Dependable Foundry Equipment Co., Western Propriety Products, and a director of Wesman Dependable Products, Ltd. India. Later, he was named vice president of Roberts Sinto Corporation. Over his career, Roger gained authorship to a number of patents for foundry-related products.

Roger and Marlene first attended a meeting of the Foundry Equipment Manufacturers Association (later renamed the Casting Industry Suppliers Assn., CISA) in 1977, and they can claim attendance at 135 meeting (just one absence) in the subsequent decades. Roger became the CISA President in 1999 and then the Executive Director of CISA in 2002. He has presided over, and organized, more than 40 meetings, conferences and international trade shows over these 17 years.

The organization, like the industry it supports and gives its service to, has changed in the past two decades. There are fewer foundries, fewer suppliers, and fewer candidates for membership in CISA. Now, there will be some fewer familiar faces at the annual meetings and conferences. The institution will thrive, but sadly without the good cheer available at all times from Roger and Marlene.

What will remain is an association of friends committed to each other’s success, and to the success of the metalcasting industry. Their work, and the opportunities offered by this institution, will have been enriched by the service of Roger and Marlene Hayes.