ICI Sees Unprecedented Response for World Conference

Feb. 14, 2008
Presentations show immediate, practical value for competitiveness
The Investment Casting Institute is reporting that the Investment Casting 2008 World Conference it is hosting has had a record-setting response from experts in that segment, seeking opportunities to present at the October event. ICI executive director Michael C. Perry says the Institute’s call for papers has elicited more papers than the agenda will allow. “Also,” Perry states, “the quality of the information in the abstracts indicates that presentations will have immediate, practical value to casters striving to compete more effectively in today’s global marketplace. “We expect to receive many more abstracts and, for this reason, will have a balanced pool of topics to draw from to make sure we can deliver the mix of information that the industry values most,” Perry says. As for the simultaneous exhibition, early registration has been strong. “Although the show is more than seven months away,” report Leland Martin, who is overseeing exhibitor services, “we have only two booths left that can accommodate equipment displays. We are currently exploring options for expanding the available space.” The Investment Casting 2008 World Conference is set for October 19-22, at the Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas, TX. The Institute expects attendee participation from virtually all countries in the world that are active in the investment casting industry. Visitors from over a dozen countries have already registered, and the ICI is anticipating wide international participation.