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NADCA Offers Revised CD-ROM on Diecasting Defects

April 27, 2004
Supplies examples, dentifies causes, offers corrections

The North American Die Casting Association has released the revised edition of its Die Casting Defects CD-ROM. It supplies technical details of causes and formation mechanisms of defects, and suggests solutions for correcting each type.

NADCA claims the CD puts users “within three clicks of reducing or eliminating almost every die casting defect in your process.” Via visual comparison, it helps diecasters analyze defects in its products or in purchased castings. “Process, design, and quality engineers' capabilities to solve problems will be significantly enhanced with the use of this product,” the association promises.

In the new version, the CD has been revised to make it easier and faster to navigate. It has an expanded library of over 300 sample defects. Each one is categorized and linked to pages for causes and corrections. Also, the CD includes new specific information (courtesy of Teck-Cominco) on the causes and cures for zinc diecasting defects.

Die Castng Defects is offered to NADCA corporate members for $50.00, to individual members for $75.00, and for $100.00 for non-members. Visit NADCA’s web site to purchase.