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Pouring molten iron into green sand molds.

Renaissance Group Combines with Lawton

April 23, 2024
The latest expansion for Lawton Standard brings a ductile iron foundry and machining operation to the organization, which has assembled eight metalcasting plants and other capabilities since 2019.

The Lawton Standard Co. has expanded its metalcasting businesses once again by incorporating the Renaissance Manufacturing Group to its portfolio, including a ferrous foundry in Anniston, AL, and a machining operation in Grafton, WI. With a total of 160 employees, RMG also has a commercial operation in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Wisconsin-based Lawton Standard did not detail the terms of its acquisition.

Phil Knoebel, formerly president of RMG, will join Lawton’s management as head of the RMG-Lawton Standard Sales & Services (RMG) segment.

The RMG foundry pours all ductile grades, including austempered ductile iron; compacted graphite iron (CGI); high-temperature (SiMo) and high-abrasion grades, and various special grades/chemistries. Its castings support light and heavy truck programs, combustion engine manufacturing, and railroad, construction, agriculture, and pump/compressor industries.

The Alabama plant also extends the regional presence of Lawton Standard, which has other foundries in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Lawton Standard is a manufacturing group that includes seven foundries assembled in stages since 2019, producing different castings in various iron and steel grades. These operations also offer different finishing and machining services for their product lines.

The group also includes AMSCO Wear Products Inc., Wilmington, DE, which develops and supplies wear-resistant castings for heavy equipment used in steel recycling, mining, and waste-to-energy sectors. And it includes American Iron & Alloys LLC, a Waukesha, WI, business that processes and distributes cast iron bars, bronze bars, and other metal parts, and provides finishing services to manufacturers.

Alex Lawton, CEO of Lawton Standard, stated: “What started as two long-standing, independent, foundry-based companies in 2019 is evolving into a multi-location, multi-faceted supplier with the best cultural and process characteristics. With the addition of RMG and the shared long-term vision of the two formerly separate companies, our services offering is making a major leap forward.”