Earth from space
timeless metalcasting
Itrsquos not uncommon for problems to be addressed by throwing resources at them devote more time to study it spend more money to fix it or demand more effort to resolve it But expending more resources is not always the wisest course of action and much of that valuable time money or effort may end up wasted
Who has not been made to feel that he is the problem for an airlinesor bank or insurance company trying to fulfill its lofty mission statement The notion that a commercial enterprise may assert its authority to punish a private citizen a customer is in line with the idea that we can be unified and fulfilled by commerce
What is the sense in spending millions of dollars to automate your factory if the workforce could not care less about the new capabilities
Itrsquos common still to hear analysis of ldquothe emerging global economyrdquo but it is not emerging global economics have shaped the health of our civilization and the wealth of individuals everywhere for nearly two decades now
There is a growing sense that that hightech systems are developing and initiating trends autonomously regardless of human guidance
quotOngoing learning training and professional development will be necessary for manufactures to stay uptodate with the latest techniques and processes US manufacturing is changing and US manufacturers must understand the changes in order to be prepared for the opportunitiesquot
Henry Adamsrsquo analysis of human nature upon witnessing dynamos exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1900 resonates now as we watch the shifting importance from technologies with practical applications to new concepts that are simply faster or more convenient or entertaining
Lean organizations need individuals who remain alert to changes adept at decisionmaking and focused on strategic goals