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Wisconsin Centrifugal Orders Melting Optimization Program

Aug. 19, 2008
Heat-charge optimization models for bronze and stainless steel, plus other functions

Management Science Associates Inc.’s Metals and Advanced Manufacturing division reports it delivered a Melt Shop Optimization System (MSOS) to Wisconsin Centrifugal. The producer of specialty ferrous and nonferrous bushings, bearings, and gear blanks is an operating division of MetalTek International.

MetalTek has five metalcasting operations in the U.S.: Bearium Metals and Southern Centrifugal, both in Chattanooga, TN; Carondelet Corp., in Peveley, MO; Wisconsin Centrifugal, in Waukesha, WI; and Wisconsin Investcast, in Watertown, WI. Recently, it purchased Meighs Castings Ltd., an English foundry serving defense and oil-and-gas industries.

Patrick J. Gallagher, MSA Metals Division vice president, explains that the MSOS includes heat-charge optimization models for bronze and stainless steel melting at Wisconsin Centrifugal, as well as an alloy addition model and material consumption recording, heat disposition, and reporting functions. The optimization models determine the most cost-effective mix of raw materials needed to meet the identified chemical, schedule, and residual constraints.

The MSOS has been integrated with Wisconsin Centrifugal's business and laboratory system.

"We were excited to work with MetalTek on this project," according to Gallagher, who predicted that the “models will generate significant savings for MetalTek in their raw material input costs."

"MSA's expertise and experience in melt shop optimization were an important consideration when selecting a vendor for this project," stated Doug Nielsen, materials supervisor with MetalTek Intl. "We have been very impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness of MSA's personnel, enabling a smooth transition to the new system."

MSA's Metals and Advanced Manufacturing division supplies turnkey computer systems, process control and modeling services, system design, and facility-wide management systems.