Checking production settings on a Laempe CoreCenter machine

Checking production settings on a Laempe CoreCenter machine.

Customized Coremaking

Fifth unit for Quality Castings New cell for Laforo Replacement capacity for Rochester Metal Products

Making cores is a highly customized process: foundries manufacture the styles, formulations, and volumes of cores that suit their production programs, and this fact promotes a lot of expansion, adjustment, and other modifications to coremaking operations, just so that metalcasters can continue to match the objectives of their molding and pouring processes. LaempeReich reported a series of recent improvements among its coremaking customers:

•  The Quality Castings Co., Orrville, OH, which produces gray and ductile iron castings for customers in transportation and general industrial markets, recently installed a fifth Laempe CoreCenter machine. The new LB50 machine, with an integrated gas generator, accomplishes the low machine cycle times the foundry requires, and accommodates heavier tooling for horizontally and vertically parted core production.

•  Laforo Industrial Foundry of Ste-Claire, Quebec, completed installation and start up for a new LL10 CoreCenter. The new production cell was added to increase cold box core production to match Laforo’s new business, and to continue its conversion from shell core processing.  The LL10 CoreShooter with an integrated gas generator and LVM sand mixer allows Laforo to use heavier horizontally and vertically parted tooling, to maximize efficiency and flexibility in core production.

•  Rochester Metal Products, Rochester, IN, completed installation and start up of a new Laempe LL20 CoreCenter.  The new cell replaced one of the L20 machines previously installed there, which had been in service since 1989. The LL20 CoreCenter is a flexible and efficient core production cell that lets RMP continue to use its tooling for vertically and horizontally parted applications.

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