Management, Technology,  Leadership

Management, Technology, Leadership

I thank Foundry Management & Technology for this opportunity to express some thoughts on the industry and the Casting Industry Suppliers Assn. As president of CISA for the 2008 term, I appreciate this opportunity to offer some insight into our organization and how we help contribute to the success of metalcasting. One does not have to go far to realize what is important to the industry: Just refer to the title of this magazine — “Foundry Management and Technology.”

Mark Ziegler
Foundry Technical Sales
Unimin Corp.

Recently, I attended the AFS Division Council meeting and Paul Mikkola, president of Metal Casting Technology, outlined a theme he plans to pursuing during his new term as president of the American Foundry Society — “Sustainability of a Strong Metal Casting Industry.” Mikkola emphasized that “sustainability” of this sort will take new technology and strong management. Simple words, but if we truly apply both of them they can have dramatic effects in any business.

In a recent survey of CISA members, 95% of our membership stated that they are involved with a new product or technology that can improve foundry efficiencies or performances. It is up to managers, or management, to make this happen. No one should be surprised that CISA members continue to take the lead in such efforts, because our member companies have always been proactive in their effort to produce positive results for their metalcasting customers. Just as the contributions of individual CISA members strengthen the association, so does the association strengthen the industry as a whole.

New technology is all around us. Personally, I constantly recognize this fact through my participation and activity in AFS technical committees, CISA, various universities, foundries, and, of course this month in FM&T.

I also see the management of many companies applying this technology. This is what separates progressive companies from the rest, the ones that are just trying to survive the competition. CISA’s membership is a mix of top level managers and technical personnel that work together in an effort to sustain and grow the industry. They’re filling an essential role and responding to the need for group initiative and effort, the same need that first brought manufacturers of foundry equipment and consumable product suppliers together decades ago.

The CISA organization values our long standing relationship with Foundry Management & Technology and we’re proud to sponsor this annual issue. Please take the time to review the contents in the magazine and feel free to contact the best of the best for their newest technology advancements.

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