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Automotive cast parts.
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Brazilian Group Adopts New CGI Technology

June 2, 2020
WHB Automotive will use SinterCast's System 4000 process control package for series production of compacted graphite iron parts from 20 to 235 kg.

A Brazilian manufacturer, WHB Automotive, is acquiring a SinterCast System 4000 package after a six-month trial of the process control system, setting it up to conduct series production of compacted graphite iron parts from 20 to 235 kg.

System 4000 is the fourth-generation of SinterCast’s technology for managing production of compacted graphite iron (CGI) a  process centered on a sampling and testing technology that has been licensed by numerous foundries and research centers worldwide.

WHB — which produces iron and aluminum castings and steel forgings for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive OEMs — will be the first customer to adopt System 4000 for series production since it was introduced in June 2019.

“Over the past six months, we have taken the opportunity of the extended trial to establish a robust and efficient CGI production process; to deliver high-quality CGI castings to our current customers; and, to engage the global passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle OEMs in discussion about our new CGI capabilities,” according to a statement by the WHB directors.

CGI is a lightweight cast iron that offers greater tensile strength, stiffness, and fatigue strength than gray iron or aluminum. It is mainly used by diesel and gas engine manufacturers seeking to reduce weight, noise, and emissions for their designs.

The statement continued: “Despite that our trial spanned into the difficult COVID-19 period, we have taken this strategic decision to exercise the purchase option and to establish independent compacted graphite iron series production capability. The trend toward improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions is irreversible. We regard CGI as a key enabler of this trend and we have now positioned ourselves to support and supply the growing market demand.”