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Automotive cast parts.
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“Suspension rocker produced in Certified Scalmalloy (A) on 3D Systems DMP Flex 350 metal 3D printer. With its high strength, this aluminum material - specifically developed for metal additive manufacturing - enables customers to further reduce mass in metal structural components.”

3D Systems Introduces AM Aluminum and Stainless Alloys

Sept. 6, 2021
New high-strength, printable materials will have applications in a range of industrial markets, including aerospace, automotive, energy, semiconductor, and moldmaking.

Additive-manufacturing group 3D Systems has introduced two new high-strength alloys for metal AM on its 3D-printing systems, with potential applications in a range of markets, from aerospace and automotive to energy and moldmaking. 3D Systems develops hardware, software, materials, and services for 3D printing metals and other materials, and noted it worked with material manufacturers APWORKS and voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl to certify the materials.

It is making the materials available to operators of its DMP Flex 350 and DMP Factory metal 3D printers.

The first new material is Certified Scalmalloy (A), an aluminum-magnesium alloy reported to be the highest-strength AM-processable aluminum alloy. According to 3D Systems, Scalmalloy is “significantly stronger than the reference material, AlSi10Mg.”

3D Systems indicated the alloy has a tensile strength of 520 MPa and yield strength of 480 MPa, making it applicable for producers of “weight-efficient”, load-bearing parts – including high-strength, corrosion-resistant components for aerospace, automotive, and semi-conductor markets.

“Scalmalloy has a very attractive strength-to-weight ratio and is more amenable to 3D-printing than many conventional, high-strength aluminum alloys,” according to 3D Systems’ Dr. Michael Shepard, v.p., aerospace & defense segment. “These performance attributes make it ideal for aerospace applications and we are excited to see how our customers will use 3D-printed Scalmalloy components to continue to push the envelope with their innovation.”

The second new offering is Certified M789 (A), a hardened stainless steel that will be applicable for producing high-strength molds and tooling. 3D Systems attained certification of M789 for its DMP platform through its partnership with machine-tool builder GF Machining Solutions, in response to demand for a hard, corrosion-resistant tooling steel.

Applications for 3D-printed M789 including mold inserts with conformal cooling; drill bits and cutting tools; and automotive drivetrain and axle components. 3D Systems describes the additive-manufactured M789 parts as “optimal for long-term use, able to withstand both the rigors of repetitive manufacturing processes as well as use in regions with high humidity.”

“Our customers in the automotive industry are increasingly relying on additive manufacturing to advance and accelerate their innovation,” stated Kevin Baughey, 3D Systems’ segment leader, transportation and motorsports, 3D Systems. “Having M789 as part of our metal 3D printing solution delivers greater accuracy to our automotive customers.