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Pouring specialty-alloy castings at Winsert, Marinette, WI.

Winsert Acquires Alloy Cast Products

Nov. 8, 2022
Manufacturer of high-temp alloy castings is adding investment casting capabilities in a purchase it said will allow it to introduce more products and services for its buyers.

Winsert, a Marinette, WI, metalcaster, purchased Alloy Cast Products Inc. in a deal announced early in October. The buyer did not report the acquisition cost or other terms of the private transaction, but explained that adding ACP will allow it to introduce more products and services.

ACP, Kenilworth, NJ, is an investment-casting foundry and machine shop for parts in “exotic” cobalt alloys.

“We are excited to add ACP’s capabilities to the Winsert family,” stated president Mark Coduti. “The combining of our advanced machining and vast alloy portfolio with their investment casting capabilities really creates significant opportunities in all the markets we serve.”

Winsert operates induction melting and shell sand casting to manufacture parts in patented and proprietary, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-temperature alloys.

Along with investment casting, ACP offers ceramic shell mold and sand casting, as well as finish machining for parts, mainly in its trademark Rexalloy® high-carbon/high-chromium tool steel alloy.

“I’m confident that the Rexalloy® product line and all other products will be in good hands with Winsert’s increased production capacity and attention to high quality,” stated Frank Panico, Alloy Cast Products president.

He continued: “Winsert brings expanded services that Alloy Cast Products alone could not provide. We have entered this acquisition with great confidence and pleasure knowing that the business is in the very capable hands of Winsert.”