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MetalTek Regroups for New Market Focus

Oct. 7, 2012
Holding company’s strategy shifted with Sandusky, Mackson acquisitions North American, European units address regions’ manufacturing, engineering, marketing, Energy Group “strengthens penetration into key sectors”  

Wisconsin-based MetalTek International is reorganizing its operations “to solidify its growth strategy” and target high-performance markets. The internal changes make more explicit the strategic shift that started with the holding company’s 2010 acquisitions of Mackson Inc. and Sandusky International. Underscoring that shift, the group now describes itself as a “metals technology company.”

“We are dedicated to a high-growth strategy in our key target markets,” stated MetalTek CEO Robert Smickley. “This refined structure will help us continue to focus on those markets and ensure our manufacturing operations meet our customer expectations for today and into the future.

“We really believe that the combination of heat, wear, and corrosion‐resistant solutions that we offer to our customers is unparalleled. This new organization will make it even easier for customers in our target markets to access all that we offer.”

The new MetalTek organization will have three new business units, two of which have a regional focus, and one with a focus on product applications.

The new MetalTek North American Businesses Group remains heavily concentrated on metalcasting operations, including centrifugal, sand, investment, and continuous casting. The company operates Southern Centrifugal, a nonferrous sand casting and centrifugal casting foundry in Chattanooga, TN; Carondelet Corp., a ferrous sand casting foundry in Peveley, MO; Wisconsin Centrifugal, in Waukesha, WI; and Wisconsin Investcast, an investment-casting foundry in Watertown, WI. It also operates Sandusky International in Sandusky, OH, a producer of bronze and stainless centrifugal castings for suction roll shells used in papermaking.

The new MetalTek European Group “consolidates local sales, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing functions,” the group announced. The company's European holdings include Meighs Casting Ltd., a sand casting foundry for bronze, stainless steel, nickel-based, and other specialty alloys, in Stoke-on-Trent, England. It also operates a plant at Glenrothes, Scotland as part of the Sandusky International product line.

Finally, the MetalTek Energy Group is being created to “strengthen the company’s penetration into key energy sectors, including oil and gas, conventional and nuclear power generation, and environmental.” This division would include the Mackson Inc. operations in Rock Hill, SC, that produce nuclear-certified studs, bolts, threaded rods, pipe, fittings, bars, flanges, structural shapes, plate, and specialty engineered or fabricated products. It also offers sourcing, supply-chain management, and “product upgrade” services for nuclear power installations.

MetalTek operates a business called Oil Systems in Waukesha, WI, an integrator of products used in high-temperature, corrosive, or heavy-wear applications. In addition, MetalTek Energy Products is a supplier of products for nuclear-certified products, parts, fabrications, or assemblies.

“MetalTek continues to exhibit strong revenue growth,” Smickley stated, “which is due in no small part to understanding what our customers need, and then finding ways to deliver it. We see increasing demand for environmental and energy products ‐ including emerging energy ‐ now and into the future as the world deals with how to meet the demands for increasing energy consumption while ensuring environmentally responsible means of producing that power. Our Energy Group will help our customers meet that challenge.”

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