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'Availability of new foundry sand is already becoming a challenge, along with the need of providing new solutions to waste management,” according to the director of a metallurgical research center.
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Automotive cast parts.
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With deoxidized base iron, carbon levels can be increased to 3.30% C and alloying can be completely or nearly eliminated at the same time.

New Aluminum Alloy Adds to Palmer’s Profile

June 11, 2013
  Higher ultimate tensile strength Corrosion resistance, anodization 

Palmer Foundry casts itself as a metalcaster with a knack for technology, and that reputation will be enhanced with the story of its new aluminum alloy, a high-ductility product called HyDuct5. “An important part of our business model is that we are constantly finding ways to enhance our aluminum casting technologies,” stated Bob Logan, the president of the Massachusetts foundry that produces high-precision, “dimensionally stable and vacuum tight” castings for medical and scientific instruments, semi-conductor manufacturing, and other applications that require high precision and verifiable quality control.

“We’ve developed a reputation of being able to solve complex engineering challenges, and we’re pretty excited about that,” Logan continued.

More technically, this new alloy is for applications that require high ductility.  Compared to other high-ductility alloys like 356-T6 and 356-T51 alloys, Palmer Foundry reported that HyDuct5 has a higher ultimate tensile strength — 35,000 versus 33,000 and 25,000 respectively; and an elongation — of 9% versus 3% and 2% respectively. 

Still, the new alloy is also machinable and highly stable.  And, Hyduct5 reportedly has exceptional corrosion resistance and anodization properties.  It offers significant design flexibility, but not high material costs.   

HyDuct5 joins Palmer Foundry’s other specially developed alloys, which include the proprietary Vapore 6 and Stable-Cast series.  “We think HyDuct5 will be an excellent alloy for applications in the medical equipment industry, the marine industry and for really any part in which cosmetic quality is important,” according to Logan.