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Magellan to Cast A20X Parts Under License

Oct. 23, 2018
The Canadian foundry and aerospace parts business is set to pour the "world's strongest commercially available aluminum casting alloy"

Canada’s Magellan Aerospace acquired a license to manufacture castings in A20X aluminum, a material described as "world's strongest commercially available aluminum casting alloy" by its developer and patent-holder, Aeromet International Ltd.

According to Haydn Martin, Magellan's v.p. - Business Development, "The constant challenge for aerospace engineers is to find an optimum balance between strength and weight when designing a component. The higher-strength characteristics of this alloy open up new opportunities for engineers to utilize the advantages of cast components in critical aerospace applications where, traditionally, light alloy castings have not been able to meet the requirements."

Magellan will cast A20X parts at its foundry in Haley, ON. Typically, according to the alloy’s developer, it is used for castings that require high strength and high-temperature resistance.

Magellan produces sand castings at foundries in Ontario and Arizona, and complex assemblies for aircraft and engine manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Pratt & Whitney. Earlier this year, Magellan entered a six-year agreement to produce aluminum castings for the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G series of geared-turbofan engines, which are installed in the Arbus A220 and A320neo, Embraer E2, and Mitsubishi Aircraft MRJ jet platforms. That agreement is expected to generate approximately $83 million, according to the supplier.

Aeromet International is an investment- and sand-casting producer of aluminum and magnesium parts for aerospace and defense manufacturing, including engine, fuel system, and structural airframe components. Aeromet explains that "the unique solidification mechanism and microstructure of the A20X aluminum alloy produces investment- and sand-cast parts with class-leading mechanical properties and enhanced thermal performance."

It also noted that A20X is fully approved for aerospace applications with MMPDS and AMS classifications.

Other A20X licensees include O’Fallon Casting LLC and Renishaw plc.

“Demand for A20X castings is growing significantly as aerospace and defense customers seek to unlock the weight- and cost-reduction potential offered by the high strength alloy,” commented Mike Bond, director of A20X for Aeromet.