Graphite Sales, Superior Graphite Form Joint Venture

Production underway for new specialty graphite source

Graphite Sales Inc. and Superior Graphite Co. earlier this year initiated a joint venture, Ozark Graphite Specialties, to produce, market, and sell specialty graphite. The new organization is already in production, headquartered in Russellville, AR.

Specialty graphite is a versatile ceramic that’s used in markets as varied wind and solar energy, semi-conductor industry, armor plating manufacture, as well as many molten metal applications.

"This is an exciting moment for us,” said Graphite Sales COO Kevin Burmeister. “This joint venture improves our ability to supply the customer a quality product on time. In addition, we are delighted that we have found a business partner the caliber of Superior Graphite to bring these products to market."

Burmeister said the venture’s mission is “to be a long-term supplier to the many industries utilizing specialty graphite, and this newly established venture casts a firm foundation for further growth."

Edward Carney, president and CEO of Superior Graphite, stated: "Ozark allows us to broaden the capabilities of our plant and people and provides another platform for growth, complementing our existing electrode business."

”We see a smooth transition for our present customers who are about to begin receiving product from Ozark," explained Ozark sales manager Rodney Chiodo. "We look forward to showing our current and new customers the portfolio of products we are now able to produce on a consistent basis," he added.

Scott Anderson, general manager of Ozark stated: "We are looking to expand the portfolio of products Ozark can manufacture for the market as soon as practical."

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