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NovaCast Scores with Stamping Press Order

10-mt press project involves SwePart, Camito units

NovaCast divisions SwePart Verktyg and Camito have received an order from Finnveden Metal Structures for a large progressive tool for producing automotive components. The progressive tool will weigh more than 10 metric tons, with construction by SwePart Verktyg using die shoes produced by Camito Technology. The NovaCast units also will handle the equipment start-up services later this fall.

Finnveden Metal Structures produces steel, aluminum, and magnesium products and components, including automotive stampings, diecastings, and press products. Finnveden Metal Structures head office is located in Goteborg, Sweden. It has four manufacturing plants in and two in Poland, and four assembly plants in Sweden, Belgium, and Great Britain.

“The order is strategically important for deepening cooperation and strengthening competitiveness for our customer with the unique, complete concept that we offer the market,” according to Rolf Mastenstrand, CEO Camito.

Novacast develops and produces castings for producing auto-body parts, as well as the software for production methods and process simulation and control. Its Camito technology is used to cast singular components for forming and stamping dies. The SwePart division produces stamping dies.

TAGS: Molds/Cores
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