Rio Tinto Alcan to Invest, Maintain Foundry Alloys Operation

$7.6 million will expand ingot casting at Beauharnois

Rio Tinto Alcan has a $7.6-million capital investment underway to update and expand its ingot casting operation at Beauharnois, Quebec. The smelting operation at Beauharnois ceased last spring, but the plant continues to cast primary aluminum alloys for foundry customers.

The company is North America’s largest supplier of primary aluminum alloys to foundries.

The investment will maintain and add capacity, and the research center there will work to develop new products for foundry customers. Construction work and other preparations are underway, and additional capacity could be online as early as this spring, according to Rio Tinto Alcan.

“This investment will maintain our previous production levels at Beauharnois without interruption, and serve our foundry small-form customers over the long term," stated Gordon Hamilton, vice president, Metal Management Sales & Marketing, Rio Tinto Alcan. "We remain well-positioned to continue our leadership in the North American market and develop innovative casting products to serve our clients."

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