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Steel Foundry Earns ABS Certification

Southern Cast Products approved by American Bureau of Shipping

Southern Cast Products Inc., a steel jobbing foundry in Meridian, MS, has been added to the American Bureau of Shipping’s Approved List of casting facilities.

The American Bureau of Shipping develops and verifies design, construction, and operating standards for material and product suppliers, to promote the security of life, property and the environment. The Southern Cast Products’ Certificate of Casting Facility and Process Approval was awarded in early September 4.

Southern Cast is a full-service foundry producing castings ranging from 5 to 4,000 lb, up to 7 ft in length or diameter, for customers nationwide. The facility includes three no-bake molding lines, for minimal set-up time. Its steel grades range among high-strength/high-hardness low-alloy steel, carbon steel, austenitic manganese steel, corrosion- and heat-resistant stainless steel, and high-chrome white iron.

The foundry was established by Fred Wile in 1979. In addition to castings for marine applications, the foundry produces castings for mining, railroad, and heavy equipment applications, as well as bridge components

Southern Cast offers spectrographic control of all its heats; physical and chemical certifications, as required, in-house metallographic analysis, physical testing, metallurgical analysis, and gas analysis. Non-destructive testing is offered, too, including gauging, Brinell hardness, magnetic particle, and others as required.

It also offers in-house heat treating capabilities with air and state-of the-art water quenching. Provides normalizing, hardening, tempering, annealing and stress relieving

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