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GF Automotive's largest metalcasting site, in Singen (Germany), produces cast components for well-known passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers. The site's 1,000 employees make steering knuckles, transverse links, wheel hubs, brake calipers and many other highly stressable cast iron components.

GF Automotive Adding New Molding Line

Jan. 19, 2014
Est. $75-million project 100,000 metric tons/year Lightweight truck parts

GF Automotive, the ferrous and nonferrous foundry group, reported it plans to build a new molding line at the ductile iron foundry in Singen, Germany. The project will begin this year but will not be ready for operation until the end of 2015.

The total investment will be €55 million (approximately $75 million), according to the group. GF Automotive gave no indication of the molding process designer contracted to build the new line.

The projected molding line will have annual output of 100,000 metric tons of ductile iron castings, replacing two current molding lines that GF Automotive described as over 30 years old.

GF Automotive stated the new molding line would allow it to reduce the weight of truck components “substantially,” for OEMs working to reduce fuel consumption and cut emissions in line with Euro 6 standards.

The group said the new line would be automated, thereby improving labor costs and energy requirements, and promoting high product quality. The announcement explained that the investment would produce “the most modern iron castings molding line for the production of top-quality lightweight components for trucks.”

The Singen foundry is the largest of nine plants in the GF Automotive group, with 1,000 employees and a capacity of 200,000 metric tons/year. Its products are listed as “high-stress” parts for automotive and commercial vehicles, including steering knuckles, transverse links, wheel hubs, and brake calipers.

“The new Singen molding line will enable GF Automotive to contribute even more to the competitiveness of the whole European truck industry,” according to Yves Serra, CEO of Georg Fischer. “Investing in this cutting-edge facility underscores our commitment to the Singen site. It will be a milestone in its long and successful history.”