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Hitchiner Manufacturing
Hitchiner produces investment castings for automotive, defense, and diesel engine markets, and for gas turbine engine manufacturers.

Hitchiner Plans $50M Expansion

April 24, 2018
85,0000-sq.ft. plant would be construction by mid-year at the foundry’s present location in New Hampshire

Investment casting foundry Hitchiner Manufacturing Co. Inc. announced an expansion plan involving a new, 85,0000-sq.ft. plant at its current location in Milford, NH. The multi-phase, $50-million capital investment is aimed at increasing supplies to Hitchiner’s current markets.

Hitchiner produces investment castings in ferrous alloys for automotive, defense, and diesel engine markets, and in nonferrous alloys for gas turbine engine manufacturers. In addition to its foundry in Milford, it operates a foundry, testing, and finishing center in Mexico.

The New Hampshire expansion is scheduled to begin by mid-year, according to a news release. Even so, it noted the project remains contingent on securing financing and permits from the town and state.

“Expanding in New Hampshire would not have been possible without the support of state and local government,” stated chairman and CEO John H. Morison. “Businesses planning to start-up or expand in the state today face important challenges. The high cost of energy in New Hampshire can be an especially high hurdle, particularly for manufacturing companies.

“Fortunately, Hitchiner was able to work through these challenges with the Governor’s office and the Town of Milford. The company looks forward to working along with state and local government to continue to improve New Hampshire’s business environment in order to ensure a strong economy for current and future generations.”