The BlackBerry Revolution?

Aug. 18, 2005
In our industry, these relationships are built on trust.

Like many business people I lead a harried life, traveling and juggling a heavy volume of communications, mainly through e-mail. Not long ago a friend introduced me to his BlackBerry. He claimed this electronic marvel would significantly improve my way of life. It seemed like a magical marvel, full of features that would make any multi-tasker drool. I immediately knew I had to have one.

Soon, it became official. I became possessed by the device named after a fruit composed of small drupelets. My family and colleagues became jealous that I was giving so much time to my new electronic friend. It goes everywhere with me (except to the men’s room; I have to draw the line there).

But, the device that was supposed to be my cultural revolution has forced me to devolve socially. Soon, the ability to thumb type text messages and e-mails, in a kind of Neanderthal style, engrossed me. I think I was able to prove Darwin wrong. I’m the only ape to find his opposable thumbs. With that device in my hands, I can’t help my primitive self.

Fortunately for me, and my family and friends, my Pavlovian response to this new technology is waning. I still use the device, but in a much different way. I’ve reduced the amount of impersonal messaging, opting to call people directly.

In doing so, I’ve been reminded that traditional methods of communication are the cornerstones of our society — and the metalcasting industry. While high technology plays (as it should) a vital part in the way we do business, none of us should never forget that face-to-face communication and human collaboration are the keys to our success.

There are very few professions that allow both supplier and customer to interact so closely as ours does. In our industry, these relationships are built on trust. The bond we share is a strong one. The Casting Industry Suppliers Association works together with foundries and diecasters to foster mutual success. I am proud of the contributions CISA makes to the metalcasting industry, including sponsorship of this month’s issue of Foundry Management & Technology.

The initial allure of the BlackBerry proved to be short-lived. The revolution just wasn’t there. But, I’m proud to say that our industry valiantly fights the real revolution every day.

Oh, you'll be pleased to know my thumb cramps have finally subsided.
Tim McMillin
President, MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Inc.
CISA President