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Economical Fine-Dust Extraction Technique Detailed

April 16, 2015
Commissioning this year for Chinese steelmaker’s hydro-hybrid filtration system Retrofitting three basic oxygen furnaces Recycling clean gas, with dust down to 10 mg/Nm3 "Probably the most stringent environmental standards…"
Shougang Qian'An Iron and Steel Co. in Hebei Province ordered three combo systems of existing wet scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators, as part of a retrofit of its oxygen steelmaking operation.

A Chinese steelmaker will be the first to test a new dust extraction and filtration system, develop by the SMS Group. Shougang Qian'An Iron and Steel Co. ordered three hydro-hybrid filter systems as part of a retrofit of its oxygen steelmaking operation in Hebei Province. Commissioning of the first unit is will take place later this year.

At the plant, three BOF converters will be retrofitted with hydro-hybrid filter systems, and these will be integrated to the current exhaust duct downstream of the existing wet scrubbers. SMS Siemag China will supply complete wet-type filter system (from inlet to outlet, including the steel structures), electrical controls and automation program, together with assembly services.

SMS explained that is solution of combining the existing wet scrubber and the electrostatic precipitators will mean that clean gas can be recycled, with dust contents down to 10 mg/Nm3. While the main dust load will be separated in the existing wet scrubber, the fine dust will be removed, which has not been done before now. The separation of fine dust particles from the off-gas is based on the principle of electrostatic precipitation.

According to SMS, this technology resolves of how to address ecological challenges and achieve an economic goal. While reducing the pressure loss, the hydro-hybrid filter system provides the possibility of reducing electricity consumption by up to 45%.

SMS maintains that compliance with “probably the most stringent environmental standards in terms of clean-gas dust content will make Shougang a shining example for competitors all over the world.”