Industry Perspectives


In the 21st Century smart companies are leveraging the inventiveness, ingenuity, creativity, and “tricks of the trade” to be found in their remaining workforce, drawing on these resources to launch new products and services.

Tapping the Last Reserve of Growth Potential

May 21, 2015
A final warning to manufacturers seeking growth opportunities in an age of limited resources Next wave of economic growth Workers’ skills, knowledge, abilities Training the trainers...
If your focus has been on correction, overproduction, motion, material handling, waiting, inventory, and processing — you may be sabotaging your organization by being fashionably lean and ignoring human potential/talent. Your organization will struggle to fill the skills gap, to grow market share, production, revenue, and income stream.

Three Steps to Filling the Skills Gap

March 17, 2015
If you cannot leverage the talent in your organization you may be sabotaging your organization’s potential 20% versus 80% Marginal benefits > opportunity cost Capacity utilization...
According to the revised NLRB rules, all questions about a voting unit (Who is in it? Who is eligible to vote?) will be deferred until after the election. Ballots will be counted before those questions are answered. Only if they affect more than 20% of the employees voting will they be considered.

Dealing With NLRB’s Ambush Election Rules

Feb. 18, 2015
The federal labor-relations agency has changed the rules on unionization votes, and metalcasting managers should not be caught unaware when the organization effort starts. Notifications...
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Costs and Consequences in Buying Used Equipment

Jan. 28, 2015
There are times when used equipment is a good financial strategy, and there are other times when it makes no sense. Determining real cost Evaluating condition, performance prospects...
Robotics and simulation software, plus 3D printing, can change the cost structure for metalcasting, deemphasizing tooling and inventory, and raising the importance of product design and cloud-based purchasing and distribution.

Prepare Your Technology Strategy for 3D Printing, Robotics, and the Cloud

Jan. 27, 2015
Combining new technologies will accelerate the business, improve quality, and expand offerings. What is your velocity? Change the rate of acceleration Dropping design cost Making...
A CAD iteration of a finished part, prior to 3D printing of a prototype or pattern.

Why 3D Printing Belongs in a Foundry

Feb. 20, 2014
New tools offer advantages to the old ways of making a metal part, sometimes making the metal part directly.
CMH Mfg.
The CMH Manufacturing 3R machine, with robotic automation.

A New Tilt-Pour Casting Machine

Feb. 11, 2014
No more tie bars... Core placement, ladling, casting extraction, and more... Simple, but sophisticated... Improve material handling, inventory, scheduling, and more
A properly sized furnace will accommodate “reasonable” production increases, ensure that melting and holding are optimal, and still a buffer of capacity for “catching up” after cleaning and maintenance.
Issues and Ideas

Melting/Holding Efficiency in Shaft Furnaces

Jan. 17, 2014
European, other influences Before ISO … Furnace sizing Melting on demand Assess current melting needs
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Metalcasting Growth Strategies V: Making Your Foundry Strategy Work

July 19, 2013
Strategy as a process Balanced score card Proactively include customers Re-examine customers’ perspectives Constantly re-evaluate, challenged Becoming strategy-focused