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Victaulic Fire Lock product Victaulic
Ductile iron castings are the basis of Victaulic’s mechanical piping systems, which offer an alternative to joining pipes by welding, threading, or flanging.

Victaulic Cites Industrial Demand in its Pennsylvania Expansion

Manufacturer of ductile iron castings for mechanical pipe systems aims to improve its domestic supply chain

The Victaulic manufacturing complex in Easton, PA, is scheduled for a 400,000-sq.ft expansion beginning later this year, with operations to begin in 2019, as the pipe and valve manufacturer works to fulfill growing domestic demand. The Victaulic Custom Castings ductile iron foundry is the anchor of the complex, which produces mechanical piping joining systems for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, water and wastewater, and various industrial applications ranging from oil-and-gas to power plants, etc. Mechanical piping systems offer an alternative to joining pipes by welding, threading, or flanging.

Easton is also the group’s headquarters. It has 13 manufacturing plants worldwide. The new operation will be built on 28 acres in Lower Nazareth Township, still in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region. Victaulic did not specify the value of its capital investment, but indicated the new operation would include “several millions of dollars in new equipment to modernize its manufacturing operations.”

The expansion will house Victaulic’s light assembly operations, which currently are conducted in partnership with Cast-Pac Inc., a contract manufacturer.

Victaulic noted it will install robotic and optical technology to advance quality control for castings and finished products, through automated assembly. “Use of computerized, visual inspection systems can identify nonconformities, preventing them from being shipped to customers and maintaining Victaulic's operational excellence in excess of Seven Sigma requirements,” according to the company’s announcement.

"This new facility will play an important role in meeting increased customer demand, while also producing the highest quality products in the industry," stated CEO John F. Malloy, CEO of Victaulic.

"A major aspect of our business strategy has always been to manufacture products in close proximity to our customers," Malloy continued. "While we already manufacture 80% of domestically sold products in the United States, this facility will further enhance our product delivery capabilities, making our U.S. operations even more competitive."

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