The Thor vibratory data processing system shown with the sensors that link it to the RB2000 hammer device
Pursuing Progress and Sharing Rewards
The MCC includes a tunnel held under negative pressure in which a stream of cooling air flows at controlled speed to avoid thermal shocks to the castings Ambient air is forced to enter the extremities of the cooling hood then sucked from the center of the hood itself Optical pyrometers detect casting temperature at the inlet middle and outlet of the tunnel
Crowds, Commerce Confirm Success for GIFA 2015
This Conveyor Dynamics combination system requires less floor space to achieve optimal performance with an open design that simplifies mold loading for shakeout and sand reclamation returns to original grain sizes low LOI and tramp metaldebris removal
Automated Cleaning of Powertrain Parts
Spent Sand Reclamation
Economical Fine-Dust Extraction Technique Detailed
TRC and Wisconsin Foundry Inc tested sand byproduct as landfill liner system an application approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in May 2014
New Inorganic Binder Formulations Improve Cores, Shakeout